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Janaranjani Sangeethalaya

Janarnjani Sangeethalaya was established in the year 1980 as a wing of Gopala Row Public library which is 124 years old. The aim of Janaranjani Sangeethalaya is to promote and propagate Carnatic music and help popularize and do research in the unexplored depths of this great scientific musical system.

human-771601_1280Towards this end, the Janaranjani Sangeethalaya has been taking steps to involve the young in the intensive study of the art and also encourage by holding of concerts and seminars and demonstrations, those in the line to further their knowledge and grip over its intricacies and at the same time draw the people in to enjoyment of its aesthetic and spiritual contents.
The running of the Janaranjani Sangeethalaya is entrusted to the advisory council and the working committee. The sabha is consists of sympathisers who pay an annual sum towards its running. The main funding for concerts etc is from library and sponsors.
In Janaranjani Sangeethalaya we teach vocal music, violin, veena, Mirudangam and dance at a very nominal monthly fee of Rs.200/. The sabha conducts monthly music concerts preferably giving opportunities to upcoming musicians. Many leading Vidwans of yester years had performed in this sabha.